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Introducing our Enhanced Range


Corporate Site

Welcome to our new
Unlicensed Medicines Website

Martindalepharma-specials.com is a dedicated site focused on both our bespoke range of unlicensed medicines and our new batch manufactured Enhanced Range.

This site is aimed at healthcare professionals seeking information on our unlicensed medicines (commonly referred to as “Specials”). On this site you will find information on:

  • Martindale Pharma’s skills, expertise, capabilities and history in producing unlicensed medicines. 
  • Martindale Pharma’s range of services
  • Our new Enhanced Range
  • Bespoke manufactured products - your unique requests made to order
  • How to create your personal online Martindale Pharma account
  • How to order unlicensed medicines
  • How to access customer support functions
  • Your online account history

For information on Martindale Pharma’s company profile and or market leading range of licensed medicines click here.